Your home butler


An adapted Room Service

No more need to make a phone call, tell Zac what really tempts you. Zac is in permanent contact with all the services of the hotel to offer the best stay possible for your customers.


Organize the trip from A to… Zac

A single interface to manage the various journeys of your customers. Reserving a taxi, Consulting the schedules of the next passages of bus or train, Zac facilitates your travels.

An excellent tourist guide

Zac has a real notion of advice, what allows him to propose to your customers the best restaurants or places to be visited during their stay.

Energy Saving
Home Support

An even more flexible experience

Your customers are their own desk clerk! Thanks to Zac, the latter can adapt their stay as they think best. Desire to stay longer in the hotel? Need to book a room in another city? It is very simple, Zac takes care of it for you.


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